Choosing a Safe and Healthy Pet Food- 5 Secrets

If you have a dog or are planning to have one, just as a pet or rather you’re ESA; you need to know about the feed first. Just like any parent, a dog parent is equally as conscious as to get the best food for their baby which not only provides it the essential nutrients but which also doesn’t carry any side effects such as diarrhea or itchy paws. The nutritional value of dogs’ food is also recommended to be considered by the ESA doctors review. What are the factors to rehearse before you step out for buying pet food? Let’s have a look.

1.Is your dog playful or an old soul?

The most important link to your dog’s diet is its energy and physique. For example, if your dog is a breed of couch potatoes, you need to get em the food that helps maintain its inactive body while avoiding the chances of obesity. However, if you have a puppy, it will need a high-calorie food since puppies are a lot more active and playful.

2.Food fit for your dog’s size!

The very important factor which many dog owners often do not care about is the size of their dog. Unlike humans, dogs have different bodies and their joints type can vary from size to size. Dogs of smaller breed however old they get won’t face severe joint issues as compared to the giant dog breed. Hence, larger breeds may benefit from food, which is rich in glucosamine, supporting healthy joints. While small or toy breed dogs might do with bite-sized kibble.

3.Dogs specific nutritional needs

Often times a dog has a physical condition that exempts him from the food you give him on normal days. If your dog has a sensitive skin problem, you need to read the nutrients from the food pack and add or subtract the ingredient which can be inciting for the medical condition. Considering a vet in a similar situation should be a preference before getting your dog its food.

4.Dogs are not vegetarian!

You should always keep in mind that however vegetables and fruits or corn are suggested and marketed as dog food, dogs however are omnivorous. Your pet needs meat or a meat meal more than he needs fiber or carbs. Not only does meat contain high water content, but it also has a vast amount of protein which otherwise dog food doesn’t have but is selling in the market in the name of protein rich. However, corn, veggies, and fruits do provide vitality for the joints and muscles for your dogs in a long term.

5.Learn to read ingredients

Before you go to the market to get pet food, make up your mind that you’d be in front of a ton appetizing dog food offering every kind of nutritional value on their packets. You gotta be smart enough to read what does a pack mean when it says ‘beef for dogs’ or ‘chicken dinner for dogs with cheese’ because the former contains only a little to 2-3% of beef’s taste and, ‘with cheese’ means there is a 3% of cheese while 25% of chicken. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in the marketing skills, your dog doesn’t need a fancy diet, he needs a healthy one.

With a dog, it’s good that you keep rotating the diets every couple of months or six months if you have been feeding the dog with commercial pet food. You shall try new and different companies since different brands have different formulas. If your dog is fed a homemade meal, you should consider a balanced ingredient diet and yet rotational in the recipe because eating the same kind of food all the time not only is boring for the pet but also promotes allergies and other diseases. However, to consider a veterinarian every now and then is the best option which would further make you learn the secrets of healthier dog food!